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ECOBAT develops lithium service packages

06 June 2019

Responding to customer need, ECOBAT Battery Technologies has created service packages for lithium based MHE batteries.

“Irrespective of its true suitability, there is little question that lithium-ion batteries are not only grabbing the headlines, but are, finally, growing in popularity among end users,” explains Derek Anderson, ECOBAT’s strategic director. “As a result, despite the misconceptions that these products are free from the need for maintenance, we now offer lithium service packages, to ensure that our customers enjoy the maximum benefit of their, often substantial, investment. These packages naturally major on the hardware, to make sure the battery’s charging system is operating as it should do.

“Although it is true to say that the battery management system responsible for the lithium battery and charger combination will effectively maintain the condition of the battery, by taking account of its state of charge and providing it with the optimum charging regime, the chargers themselves do require maintenance to be able to continue to operate efficiently and prevent the risk of failure, which is a problem associated with un-serviced chargers, particularly in particle-heavy environments.

“They therefore require regular and ongoing maintenance, which, along with the upkeep of accurate records, is the responsibility of the end user, and what we offer through our ECOBAT Industrial FULLlife battery & charger care packages. In addition to service and repair, this facility also incorporates a full charger integrity check to establish the condition of the charger from the outset.

Another aspect that must be considered when it comes to the use of lithium batteries, is what happens to them at the end of their working life?

Derek continues: “Ultimately it is the responsibility of the original importer to receive and recycle them, but that may not be entirely obvious and could come at some cost, which is why businesses should assume it is their own responsibility, unless of course, it has been built into the original purchase price. However, this is where ECOBAT Industrial can again step in to relieve the burden from end users and ensure the spent battery is disposed of correctly.”