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The EXDS CubiScan125 excels for apparel firm

21 May 2020

Haddad Brands is a leader in the design, sourcing, sales and distribution of premium quality children’s wear and accessories, thanks to strategic partnerships with global iconic brands, including Nike, Levi Strauss, Converse, Mighty-Mac and Jordan.

Haddad Brands has a singular goal: providing extraordinary results to licensors, business partners and consumers across all company initiatives--from product design to customer service. The company’s state-of-the-art global infrastructure comprises 10 offices worldwide; three high-tech distribution centres, each between 160,000 and 280,000 sq. ft.; and a highly trained sales force in 22 cities around the world, along with consummate design, sourcing and marketing teams. A privately-held, family-owned business headquartered in New York City, Haddad Brands has over 60 years of experience in the apparel and accessories industry.


Haddad Brands brought in the CubiScan 125 one year ago to promote measuring accuracy for garment samples and packaging. According to Haddad CTO Greg Gawkowski, the company uses the CubiScan 125 in the sampling and scanning of small batches of both garments and cartons. Data from the single-device CubiScan 125 is electronically transmitted to Haddad’s compatible, custom ERP software.

As much of Haddad’s inventory involves odd and irregular-shaped items, including apparel and accessories, the CubiScan 125 is the ideal fit for the company’s warehouse optimization needs. A small and static cubing system, CubiScan employs a sophisticated combination of sensing technologies--including infrared and ultrasound methods-- to measure and weigh everything from irregular-shaped parts to small and large boxed items with unprecedented precision. The CubiScan 125 can be used across a variety of industries for comprehensive dimensioning needs and warehouse optimisation.


Developing efficient packaging processes was the main objective for Haddad Brands and the reason for acquiring the CubiScan 125. Thanks to the incorporation of the CubiScan 125 dimensioning system, located in their Receiving Department, the company can now efficiently and cost-effectively manage its weighing and measuring requirements, even for the most odd-shaped or bulky items. Along with numerous other companies in a variety of industries, Haddad Brands has experienced a multitude of advantages since incorporating the CubiScan 125 into their warehousing methodologies, including the following:

• Enhanced ability to measure weigh small and odd shaped parts, including clothing, accessories and packaging

• Ease of communication, thanks to CubiScan 125’s ability to directly interface with warehouse management system software

• Improved storage planning--from location and carton selection to shipment planning

• Heightened security for both operators and inventory items, thanks to safe sensing technology

Haddad Brands faces unique weighing and measuring challenges. The CubiScan 125 has not only improved efficiency and accuracy of dimensioning, but has also helped the company toward its mission of achieving the highest company-wide standards: improved data collection in receiving translates to enhanced company-wide logistical planning.