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Lightweight powered stair climber

09 May 2022

A NEW lightweight powered stair climber weighing 18.5kg and with a carrying capacity of 120kg is being rolled out across the UK by Stanley.

The new Sprinter 120 stair climber enables medium sized loads to be transported by a single operator in a safe and efficient way eliminating the need for extra labour and ensuring that weighty loads can be transported safely and efficiently by just one person.  

Features of the new stair climber include: lightweight design, electronic magnetic braking system, easy storage, and removable fast-charging battery.

Stanley managing director Graham Sharp says: “Moving heavy and awkward loads is an extremely laborious task and if there are stairs involved, it proves for an even bigger challenge. Aside from the limitations of manpower, handling such loads can cause severe injury if not carried out correctly. Our powered stair climbers have proved incredibly popular with companies looking for a solution to this issue and we hope this latest addition to the Sprinter family will give them even more flexibility.  This lightweight and easily storable stair climber is ideal for tight spaces so perfect for retail deliveries. It is designed for one person eliminating the need for extra labour.”

Powered stair climbers are already in use in retail settings including with Asda.

For more information, visit stanleyhandling.co.uk