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Electric artic mover launches

31 August 2021

BRADSHAW HAS launched of the PT2500, a fully electric, remote-controlled, pedestrian-operated tow tractor designed for moving articulated lorry trailers up to 25 tonnes in manufacturing and distribution applications.

The PT2500 is said to be easy to operate and moves trailers safely with exceptional manoeuvrability, negating the need for terminal tractors. The electric motors can tow up to 25 tonnes, and the hydraulically powered column lift can hoist up to 6,000 kg. The remote-control functionality provides enhanced flexibility, manoeuvrability, and safety and optimally uses limited space. It is also said to be simple to operate with low maintenance requirements.

The remote-controlled PT2500 allows trailers to be shunted safely and efficiently with no strain to the operator. Providing excellent visibility from any angle, the PT2500 and its remote-control functionality let the operator walk around the trailer during manoeuvres, making them completely visible and providing the ability to be their own banksman, all from a safe distance. Connecting the PT2500 to the fifth wheel is quick and easy, thanks to its precise manoeuvring abilities.

Where space is a premium, the PT2500 offers outstanding turning capabilities compared with terminal tractors.The PT2500 accesses tight spaces, turning almost on itself and allowing trailers to be parked tightly, thereby optimising limited space.

Controlled via the MLTX2 bellybox transmitter, the system incorporates the latest electronic technology in a lightweight, comfortably contoured, and durable case. The IP66-rated sealed unit can withstand harsh industrial conditions.

The PT2500 features a built-in air compressor system to operate trailer brakes utilising a dual-air brake system via the service and emergency air lines. When the tractor brakes are activated, the trailer service brakes are also activated and vice versa. The trailer mover features an e-stop; if the e-stop on either vehicle or remote is activated, this will dump the air, activating the emergency trailer brakes. A speed limiter controlled via a pressure sensor on the mast hydraulics activates when operating the fifth wheel, reducing the vehicle's speed during coupling. The vehicle also features electronic regenerative braking under deceleration and dynamic speed-sensing to prevent over speeding. An automatically applied transmission parking brake ensures the vehicle remains stationary when not in use. 

The trailer mover features an 80-volt AC controller, and the high-capacity 80v 210Ah lead-acid batteries provide high initial torque and smooth acceleration. In addition, the PT2500 lorry tug is silent to operate, making night and early morning operations possible, especially close to residential areas. Negating the need for an HGV driver to be on-site, the remote-controlled technology means articulated trailer movement can be a one-person function. Anyone with operator training can operate the vehicle without an HGV licence.

For more information, visit www.bradshawev.com