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Eliminating errors

12 October 2021

THE WMS KASTOlogic and the intelligent app KASTOlogic mobile, two software solutions from industrial warehouse system manufacturer Kasto, are helping to streamline the operation of automated and manual storage areas at SchwarzwaldEisen.

They are allowing the steel stockholder to accelerate its processes, minimise error rate and track orders seamlessly.

SchwarzwaldEisen has long used Kasto’s automated metal storage systems. The UNICOMPACT 3.0 series provides quick and efficient storage and retrieval of solid bar, tube and section up to six metres in length.

The company uses the eNVenta inventory management system (IMS) across all of its sites. The storage systems are linked to it via an interface created specifically for the purpose. It ensures standardised order management and a high level of inventory transparency. The IMS transfers order data electronically to the KASTOlogic WMS, which in turn triggers the required material to be called up at the respective site. All processes can be tracked seamlessly, virtually eliminating operational errors. One of the tools used was KASTOlogic mobile, a platform-independent, mobile version of KASTOlogic. The software makes it possible to use the essential functions of the WMS on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, independently from the UNICOMPACT's operator panels. 

Dr Steffen Marco Auer, joint managing director says: “In the past, our manually operated metal sheet warehouses [meant] the customer did not always receive what was ordered.

“Our customers expect us to provide fast, error-free and trackable deliveries. To ensure this, we depend on a simple, clear and reliable control system for our entire material flow.”

For more information, visit www.kasto.com