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Employee buy-in crucial

06 April 2021

MANY LOGISTICS BUSINESSES are failing to keep their workforce at the heart of their digital transformations, leading to employee dissatisfaction and hindering the success of digitalisation initiatives, research has found.

Only 37% of the sector’s employees react positively to the implementation of new technology, and just 8% appreciate the benefits of new technologies, according to the Connected Enterprise report, produced by digital transformation specialist Nexer in partnership with applied futurist Tom Cheesewright.

The report also shows that 29% of logistics businesses find their that employees are reluctant to embrace new technologies, and 17% of business leaders would like to implement more technology but worry that they will face resistance from employees.

The research suggests that a lack of adequate consultation and education prior to the implementation of new business technologies may be behind employees’ negative reactions.

Less than a third (29%) of businesses in the logistics industry said that their workforce finds it easy to learn how to use new technologies, while 57% said that some or many of their employees find it a struggle.

Nexer MD Colin Crow says: “Only when used correctly and consistently can digital solutions make a tangible difference to business operations and outcomes.

“So while it’s vital to get board-level buy-in in order to secure funding for exciting new technology in the first place, it’s equally as important that those who will be using the technology day-to-day are convinced of its benefits.

“In order to ensure optimum return on investment, businesses should always take a collaborative approach, explaining to employees the reasons behind any new digital technologies and providing as much support as needed for them to feel comfortable using them.”

According to the research, only 9% of logistics businesses’ employees tell them that business technology improves their day-to-day life. Furthermore, 17% said that they regularly receive complaints from employees following the implementation of new technology.

Colin continues: “It’s important to bear in mind that while digital transformation makes companies more profitable, enhances the customer experience and enables them to keep up with competitors, it should also always improve the employee experience.

If a new technology will not ultimately make the daily responsibilities of employees simpler or more efficient – following the appropriate training – then it is not the right technology for that business, and will likely not be a success in the long term.”

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