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Employee welfare testing stations launched

10 April 2020

A rapid deployment solution has been designed and delivered by Southgate to enable factories, logistics supply chains and eCommerce companies to test staff for fevers before they enter the workplace.

Southgate has worked quickly with its product development teams to design and deliver a Pacplan Employee Welfare Testing Station. These stations are already being rolled out and deployed across the logistics and supply chain sectors to many warehouses.

They have large numbers of staff arriving every morning, and they want to be able to safely take their temperature on arrival with safe distancing and a screen protection in place, ensuring no one enters the building that could be suffering from a fever.

The Pacplan Employee Welfare Stations are very quick and simple to deploy and are also portable. They are designed to be used in conjunction with infrared forehead thermometers.

The company says: “This is a very simple welfare provision to enable companies who are continuing to operate as key workers to take a precautionary step every day, in taking the temperatures of their staff before they start their shift.”


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