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Engines making the regs

31 August 2020

Sideloader manufacturer Baumann has unveiled changes to its 10 and 12 tonnes capacity diesel GS range.

The 2020 GS100 & GS120 models include new engines and improved control centres, offering higher levels of power and control while adhering to the latest emissions regulations. Air conditioning, full led lighting, refined outreach mechanism, load protection and auto lubrication system are also available.

The demands on engine design are becoming ever greater due to stricter exhaust gas regulations. The new EU Stage V / Tier 4 final 175HP diesel engine achieves the standards without sacrificing power. The GS series is designed to be used around the clock in difficult and harsh conditions with the first of the new trucks set for use in a US steel business.

“The GS Series has excellent levels of practicality, durability, and with relevant components easily accessible from under the engine cover,” says managing director, Klaus Pirpamer.

“In many ways, building a productive, high performing machine is a big challenge, particularly when accommodating new engines. Our largest capacity trucks are typically used in the steel sector and today are as popular as they have ever been.”

In addition to the new engine, the dimensions of the truck are extremely compact, under 6m in length and 2.5m wide, and with 12.00-24 tyres providing an impressive turning circle.

Essential truck parameters are also easier to monitor with the new HMI console, whilst improved cab design has increased space and comfort.

“We often change materials and bring in advances, such as toughened glass to allow a reconfigured side panel,” adds Klaus. “With the new glass, there are no struts interrupting the view and the protection grill is wider and easier to see through. The sliding window in the door is also standard in the GS 100/120 and we offer an XL cabin that's even more spacious.”

“Baumann sideloaders are obviously much more suitable for long loads than standard forklifts. With such a tight turning circle, these machines are also adept at operating in small doorways and aisles, meaning a multi-directional machine that’s less suitable to longer runs isn’t necessary. The chassis tilting system also means loads are incredibly secure and stay on the deck even if the operation is on uneven ground.”

With electric sideloader models now increasingly popular, the demand for diesel trucks is expected to remain fairly modest, but where operators choose diesel, says Klaus, they are still keen to reduce the environmental impact as far as possible, and that’s why this first Stage V compliant model is expected to appeal to customers across the globe.

“Electric trucks are currently unavailable at capacities of 10 tonnes and over, but judging by the enquiries we receive, the demand is clearly there,” adds Klaus. “The technology is developing rapidly and we believe the future certainly involves larger capacity electric sideloaders.”

Concludes Klaus: “The priorities of GS Series operators are different, and that means our priorities have to be different. It’s one of the most popular models we’ve ever built, so owners are obviously responding, and we continue to make strides in bringing innovation, reliability and productivity features to the market.”

For more information, visit www.baumann-sideloaders.com