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Exclusive distributor for innovative automated storage

05 April 2021

Quickline is the exclusive UK distributor of the next generation of the Vertimag Vertical Lift Module (VLM), the automated storage system developed by Ferretto Group.

To meet the needs of a demanding and ever-changing market even more effectively, the Vertimag VLM provides a range of benefits, such as 90% space optimisation to reduces the footprint compared to a traditional warehouse, the versatility offered by the widest range of tray combinations on the market, and the efficiency of goods storage.

The Vertimag VLM system maximises storage capacity and processing times, and also enables accurate stock control, picking and tracking. On top of this, the system also benefits the operators, thanks to the user-friendly interface, the ergonomic picking bay offering, the simplicity of picking and stock management, and enhanced safety elements, such as operator safety barrier and a quieter operating system, which all improve the user experience. To optimise the operator’s working conditions further, a wide range of accessories is also available, including a sliding console, a trolley for tray removal, laser pointer, alphanumeric LED bar, barcode reader, piece counting scale and label printer. The Vertimag system can also be supplied with Ergo-Tech, a Ferretto Group exclusive, which prepares a second tray for picking whilst he operator picks from the first.

The flexibility of the configuration ensures the Vertimag VLM stands out. It is available in heights from 3 to 12 metres, with a maximum capacity of 70,000kg and ability to store goods of any format, weight and size up to a height of 695 mm. In addition, the system can be supplied in 15 models, 6 different types of picking bay (Ergo-Tech, single internal, double internal, single external, double external, removable) and 120 tray combinations.

Managed by in-house software developed by Ferretto Group, Vertimag possesses a more efficient management software designed with a new generation graphic interface and an easy integration with external management software. It is designed and tested for robustness – the management software includes maintenance algorithms which, in combination with the design, improves system uptime. To enhance its usability, the system has a user friendly and customisable dashboard through which it is possible to quickly check the status of all the machines, dynamically manage the compartments of the trays, and monitor in real time the stock levels and the position of items in the trays.

The Vertimag VLM is therefore the ideal solution for the storage and management of goods, enabling businesses to create a “goods-to-person” system to improve workflow and warehouse efficiency, whilst maximising storage capacity and reducing footprint up to 1/10.

For more information, visit www.quicklinestorage.co.uk