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Fast access to advice and solutions

23 July 2020

The pandemic means that warehouse operators are frequently having to deal with variations in storage demand and product profile.

This means operators have to swiftly re-configure storage spaces to keep companies efficient and profitable.

To meet this need, BiGDUG has launched its Whatsapp Customer Service Channel, which offers instant access via web link or QR code scan to one of its business storage specialists, who can help you solve warehouse space utilisation problems.

“The Whatsapp Customer Service Channel we have launched is a groundbreaking way for warehouse operators to quickly access specialist advice and solutions,” says Luke Cameron, marketing manager at BiGDUG.

“We are seeing many customers who want to quickly reconfigure the warehouse, because demand volumes and patterns are shifting a lot.

“For example, a client of ours that was working under the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) framework was told that due to Covid-19 Amazon could no longer fulfil all of its orders.

“He told us Amazon was sending the items back and he would have to fulfil them himself.

“He got through to our business services team, saying he needed racking ASAP and we managed to sort him out within a few days.

“We want to help warehouse operators to connect with our specialists in as few clicks as possible.”

The aim is to get operators quickly engaged with a real human being.

Luke continues: “Business service orders are very important for us. Let’s say you operate a large warehouse and you need to kit it out. We will visit, measure up and make our recommendations on issues such as space utilisation and basically give you the best deal, with help through the planning stage with CAD drawings and so on. 

“With Covid-19, this part of our business drastically changed, meaning traditional face to face meetings had to go digital. This new service allows us to conduct the same level of service in a very quick, efficient and modern way.

“It can be a multi-stage process to get through to a business services specialist, and we want to reach out to the operator standing in the warehouse, potentially looking at expanding or dealing with changing demand, who wants ideas on how to utilise space better. They may be thinking ‘I’ve got to sort this out now’. This very immediate innovation helps them out and aligns fully with the BiGDUG ethos of excellent customer service.”

WhatsApp for business is in the early stages of adoption for firms in the UK, and this is said to be the first instance of this tech being used in this sector.

Luke explains: “Companies such as Hello Fresh, the recipe box delivery firm, have been using it, and we have been working very closely with Facebook (owner of WhatsApp) over the last four months to go from an initial discussion to getting it live.”