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Flexible options for fast-changing world

23 September 2020

CopriSystems’ bespoke vision and high performance warehousing solutions enables businesses to respond quickly to accelerating levels of growth.

Even before coronavirus came along and changed the retail landscape beyond all recognition, UK online retail sales were reporting a year-on-year growth of +6.3% (IRMG-Cap Gemini Index), with people increasingly looking to make purchases conveniently at the click of a button.

This trend has also seen price being overtaken by time-to-delivery and fulfilment responsiveness as the leading competitor advantages. Seasonal spikes in customer behaviour are commonplace for many businesses but when that spike accelerates as shoppers continue to avoid the high street then the pressure on space as well as infrastructure is ever-present.

As a result, we are experiencing an increase in enquiries from online retailers looking to increase their distribution capacity so they can maintain a steady flow of goods and continue to honour their next day delivery promise.

CopriSystems are able to adapt quickly to build temporary or permanent buildings that can cope with increased stock flow and complex logistics as well as allow for future progression.

Sportswear International (SWI) is a leading provider of children’s school clothing. Their original business model focused on selling through outlet stores and on the high street however their strategy soon shifted to eCommerce. Like every other online retailer, they have had to react quickly to future proof their business and keep up with customer demand.

SWI expect volumes to rise to very significant peaks across the summer and this huge surge in seasonal purchase behaviour puts a lot of pressure on them to process orders efficiently, manage returns and ensure replacements are sent out as quickly as possible.  During this time, SWI are operational 24 hours a day for an 8-week period.

CopriSystems were initially briefed to design an additional temporary building that could accommodate overspill at busy times and support their growth forecast. However this soon became an essential, permanent extension required to cope with the constant filtering of goods in and out, while maintaining continuous workflow through the main warehouse.

Additional racking was also required to allow for more storage space so SWI could be prepared with increased stock levels. This helped to alleviate the pressure from the Operations team who need to ensure that the myriad of orders are picked and packed accurately. 

As with all our pre-fabricated buildings, this particular solution was individually designed and constructed off-site, which allowed for efficient development of the products in a controlled environment. By removing the building process from a place of business we can prevent any disruption to daily operations and work to shorter lead-times. 

Our unique installation method also allows for a quick and safe turnaround. Structures can be up and running within a matter of weeks, which is certainly much appreciated by so many of our customers working to just-in-time requirements.

CopriSystems offer a full turnkey service covering every aspect of a project, including planning assistance and internal facilities.  For SWI we were required to undertake necessary groundworks and improve accessibility as the proposed site, positioned to the side of the main warehouse, was originally uneven dead space. The project involved making an opening in the main building by removing cladding, purlins, bracing bars and installing a structural support system with an insulated sectional door to match the rest of the aesthetics. All this was carried out during SWI’s peak season with minimal disruption to the retailer.

Theirs is a familiar story and our buildings have never been more relevant in the world of eCommerce. Multi-use buildings that are quick to deploy can better meet the needs of organisations who must respond to sharp and unexpected peaks in customer activity as well as the longer-term accelerated levels of growth. Our structures can also be easily modified or relocated so if your business moves premises, then our canopies can easily be taken down and move with you.

According to SWI’s commercial director, the temporary extension measuring just under 4,000 sq ft has given them the flexibility to transform this space into a different working layout every day, enabling the company to cope with the challenges it faces during this dynamic period.

In a rapidly evolving retail environment, it is this kind of flexibility that will be critical for businesses to succeed.

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