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Flexible refrigeration

14 October 2021

THE AMAZON Effect has shifted grocery buying trends, with the future of grocery storage and distribution lying with flexible refrigeration.

The shift to screens over stores means the emerging dark store model is here to stay as savvy businesses convert stores to warehouses in a bit to satisfy growing demand for convenience and reach new consumer audiences. Deliveroo, for example, has expanded its offering with a new grocery delivery service across its takeaway platform. Similarly, Gorillas is promising fresh goods and groceries to your door within 10 minutes.

Where localised convenience is increasingly essential, scaling up capacity for temperature-controlled storage in multiple locations is key, particularly where less cold chain infrastructure is readily available.

Convenience, fresh food, pharmaceutical storage and other cold chain applications are driving demand for storage, yet the team at Dawsongroup TCS believes that its reputation as high cost and complex to install is unfair.

Charles Dawson, international development director, Dawsongroup TCS says: “Flexible refrigeration solutions, such as the PolarStore modular cold storage range offer that vital agility that food producers, supermarkets and their supply chains need to stay ahead of the game. Designed to be cost-effective, reliable and sustainable, these portable complexes offer a flexible and adaptable temperature-controlled solution to cold chain and logistics for grocery and food distribution businesses of every size.

“Supplied on a sale or rental basis, PolarStore modular units help ensure plans can be adapted and changes implemented with minimal disruption, whether it’s increasing storage space in the future or adding a temporary loading dock to optimise efficiencies and cold chain integrity throughout the whole transportation process.”

For more information, visit https://bit.ly/3kwLe4d