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Floor matting to tackle fatigue

25 February 2022

Prolonged periods of standing continue to be associated with potentially serious health concerns, including lower back and leg pain. Warehouse managers can increase both safety and productivity levels with dedicated floor matting systems, says Lee Fox.

According to latest research, 80% of individuals who work in a standing upright position suffer from problems with their legs and / or back, with 30% of absenteeism attributed to back pain. 

While busy warehouse environments are known for being physically demanding, by undertaking a proactive approach to ergonomics, warehouse managers can ensure they provide employees with the highest possible standards of comfort, without disrupting the proficiency of their operations. 

To reduce the level of potential stress placed on individuals’ backs, particularly the lower area, professionals should consider the installation of dedicated floor matting systems that have been specifically designed to deliver increased ergonomics.

Research from the University of Michigan proved that the installation of anti-fatigue mats for employees standing over eight hours successfully reduces tiredness, while increasing standing comfort by 50%, when compared to a hard floor.

The installation of these types of matting systems also ensures productivity levels are stabilised throughout the day, aiding a reduction in absenteeism, while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency.

So, what type of matting systems should warehouse managers consider? 

While comfort is the leading factor, it’s important the mat features a slip-resistant backing to reduce the possibility of trips and falls. By combining this with castellated patterns on the top of the mat, it will ensure employees’ footing is consistently secure, providing the highest possible standards of safety.

100% nitrile rubber options deliver first class longevity and durability to meet high usage requirements with ease, while the addition of an engineered cushioned top profile that features active comfort zones massage the feet while on the mat. 

Increased comfort levels can also be achieved by choosing nitrile constructions, particularly throughout the winter, as the floor matting provides a direct barrier between the cold concrete flooring and employees’ feet.

Anti-fatigue mats also present additional benefits for the warehouse environment, including minimising the transmission of sounds and vibrations, whilst also eliminating potential damage to the floor from dropped tools by absorbing any shock.

In addition, the installation of flooring matting systems can successfully minimise the level of dirt and moisture being tracked around the warehouse to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, while the rubber construction supports ease of maintenance as the material can be jet washed or hosed, when required.

Lee Fox, director of global business development and key accounts, Kleen-Tex

For more information, visit www.kleen-tex.co.uk