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Food manufacturer completes warehouse finishing project

11 January 2019

Inotec UK carried out the large warehouse finishing project for the leading chilled and ambient food manufacturer at its warehouse and distribution site in Leicester.

The significant investment has seen Inotec replace 2,824 metres of line marking with its DURAline Rapid Shield UV cured top coat solution. The project also included the design and installation of 80 overhead warehouse signs with retro-reflective barcode label technology.

To ensure that the chilled warehouse has a hardwearing and durable solution, Inotec has laid DURAline Rapid Shield UV cured line markings to define the 80 loading bays area inside the warehouse. Correctly preparing the warehouse floor, by shot blasting the concrete, allows the new line markings to create a solid bond with the surface for a harder and resistant finish. The addition of a UV top coat ensures that the lines will withstand heavy warehouse traffic.

The second part of the warehouse finishing project saw Inotec install 80 overhead wire hanging signs. To maximise accessibility, Inotec has created double-sided signs so that the barcode labels and loading bay numbers are clearly visible from both the racking areas and the loading bay zones.

This system allows workers picking stock to easily scan the barcode from the racking area to let the WMS know that the pallet has been dropped off at its assigned location. The other side of the sign, facing the loading bay doors, allows the person loading the vehicle to easily scan the barcode to inform the WMS that the pallet has been loaded.

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Toyota Material Handling UK is the sponsor of Safer Logistics.

The barcode labels on the signs use retro-reflective technology which enables accurate scanning distances of up to 15 metres. Not only does this ensure that the operators are able to scan the labels correctly, but it also allows the labels to be placed out of the way of possible damage.

Additionally, the Foamex overhead signs are engineered so that they won’t create a ‘sail’ effect with the air movement caused by the warehouse doors being opened and closed. This ensures that they remain in place without putting stress on the mounting beam and are visible at all times.

David Stocker, sales director at Inotec UK comments: “The site is very busy with 80 loading bays and frequent forklift truck movements. A robust system was required to give visible guidance for all pallet and forklift truck movements.

“Our solution was to replace existing lines with our long lasting DURAline Rapid Shield UV cured top coat system and to install 80 overhead signs in a bespoke design to highlight the locations of the loading bays. The durable UV line marking and overhead signs are safe for the staff and they have also improved efficiencies at the facility.”