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Free up both hands with HandScanner

07 January 2021

Datalogic has launched the HandScanner, a small and light non-intrusive hands-free scanner designed to streamline workers’ daily operations.

This wearable allows workers to use both hands to pick items or packages faster and increase their productivity dramatically. The HandScanner is said to save 4 seconds per scan and cutting reading errors by up to 33%.

The company says: “The ergonomic design of the HandScanner delivers higher 1D and 2D barcode scanning accuracy, faster scanning times and drastically reduces errors. Workers can easily interact with objects while wearing the HandScanner, as it comfortably adapts to the operators’ natural movement. In addition, users are notified for each successful scan with optical, acoustic, and haptic technology feedback, so they can quickly proceed to the next step.”

Compared to ring scanners, the HandScanner is thinner and has the advantage of being positioned on the back of the hand. Unlike a ring scanner that is held on the fingers of the worker, the HandScanner is not intrusive, more resistant, and is not exposed to bumps at every movement.

The HandScanner is available in two versions: the Standard range is designed for close range scanning, between 10 to 80 cm. The Mid-range model has a 30 to 150cm scanning range.

The battery runs up to 15 hours and 10,000 scans and is fully recharged in 2 hours.

For more information, visit www.datalogic.com