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Gap reduces operator strain

03 February 2022

THE RETAILER has rolled out wearable scanners from Proglove in a bid to boost operator comfort and enhance safety.

Gap director of distribution engineering Mike Baricevich is responsible for building the company’s huge order-fulfilment infrastructure. 

“The lightweight, wireless glove scanners eliminated operator discomfort and gave them faster and more reliable connectivity,” says Baricevich.

“As we migrated to Android devices, the ability to ditch the wired scanner eliminated the biggest cause of failure and operator discomfort.”

The form factor of the ProGlove scanner eliminates excess motion, the lighter weight makes the scanners more comfortable for operators to use, and the ergonomics reduce fatigue.

In addition, Proglove helped Gap developed an Android App to ease implementation. 

Gap production associates use ProGlove scanners for both retail and e-commerce fulfilment. In retail, associates scan cartons to store and retrieve outside of automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) storage. In the packing process, they use the ProGlove wearable scanners to ‘close’ cartons that are destined for the store. Use cases in online include the same storage/retrieval application, but associates also use the ProGlove devices to pick individual units.

For more information, visit www.proglove.com