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PopPick and RoboShuttle

04 November 2021

GEEK+ HAS released a new picking station and a new version of its RoboShuttle.

PopPick is said to revolutionise the picking station by combining it with a Goods-to-Person Solution. The solution is compatible with different types of storage units such as totes and cartons. These are stored densely in an inventory area using pallets or mobile racks of 3.7 metres height. One rack can store up to 60 totes and be customised to store goods of varying sizes. Once incoming orders are registered, picking robots transfer pallets or mobile racks to a PopPick station where robot arms retrieve totes or boxes of ordered goods and give them to the operator in two picking points, enabling 3x throughput capacity. 

The RoboShuttle Next Gen integrates high-density tote-picking robots with floor-based picking robots. RoboShuttle Next Gen is made up of two types of robots. RS8 is an 8-metre-tall box-picking robot that navigates narrow aisles and P40 a tote-carrying robot equipped with a box-lifting module. RoboShuttle allows businesses to make full use of vertical warehouse space and ensure safe storage, retrieval, and organisation of boxes carrying small to mid-sized items of many different SKUs.

Once a box is retrieved, the robot places it on the lowest shelf of the rack, where a P40 robot carries it to an operator at a picking station, using its lifting module to adjust the box to a suitable height for the operators, enabling an ergonomic and safe work process. If an SKU is subject to high demand, RoboShuttle will intelligently cache boxes of popular SKUs on the lowest shelf to speed up the picking process. Combining high-density robots with flexible picking robots, the system is said to handle up to 500 boxes/hour/station.

For more information, visit www.geekplus.com