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Get your edge back with WMS add-on

12 October 2021

IS YOUR ageing WMS costing your business?

Inefficient warehouse practices can result in higher costs and reduced customer satisfaction. If your batch orders are too slow to keep up with the demands of your booming eCommerce business or the time it takes to train up your new employees is excessive, you are losing time and money and your WMS is probably to blame.

Technology upgrades usually involve system downtime, expensive modifications and lengthy training – not so with FulfillmentEdge from Zebra Technologies. This WMS add-on will enhance your existing system and can be implemented with minimal disruption.

FulfillmentEdge’s dynamic workflows will allow you to pick up to 24% more orders because your employees’ workflows will be contingent on their location, taking into account any task which can be performed in that locality, and the priority of the incoming orders. So, instead of picking one order at a time, your warehouse workers can pick multiple orders simultaneously, and even put away any new items that have just arrived, all during one single trip through the warehouse.

With FulfillmentEdge, you can cut time spent on new staff training and onboarding significantly, saving you up to 90% of normal ‘bedding in’ costs by creating intuitive Android interfaces for your devices, replacing the clunky old green screen interface.

If you’re using WiFi or RFID data collection methods, you can integrate this information with your system to streamline your processes further. Take into account your employee locations, inventory levels and locations, and other warehouse assets, all at once. And, if you really want to modernise your warehouse, add the latest technologies such as wearable technology.

Your current system may provide data on workplace productivity, but does it tell you exactly how each member of your team is performing? It will with FulfillmentEdge; get real-time visibility of each worker’s movements and productivity and pinpoint areas for improvement, whether it be on an employee level, or warehouse throughput. This will allow you to determine the most efficient design for your processes and physical assets so you can shorten picking routes, plan your workflows and ensure your business is performing at maximum capacity.

For more information, visit www.barcodedata.co.uk