Get back to capacity

07 June 2021

WITH COVID now seemingly on the back foot, many storage facilities are looking to get back to full operational capacity.

While this is fantastic news for the sector, many businesses are returning to maintenance issues, particularly with sinking floors or have had expansion plans put back on the drawing board. These are two areas where ground improvement contractor Geobear, is helping facilities owners and operators maximise operational space and reduce any business interruption.

Investment into new storage facilities for expansion is currently under close scrutiny due to the economic impact of Covid. Therefore, many business owners are turning to vertical expansion of existing units to create additional space for racking or offices. This is where mezzanine floors are becoming increasingly common.

One factor preventing many businesses from a vertical floor solution is an issue with achieving the required load bearing capacity for the mezzanine columns. This is where Geobear can help. Using a structural expansive resin, injected beneath the existing floor slab, will enable a mezzanine build contractor to install new space in almost any situation. The geopolymer resin Geobear uses can withstand loads of up to 350kn/m3.

The Geobear resins are also used to fill voids and lift concrete floor slabs where they have settled over time. The expansion properties of the geopolymer resin provides enough lift to return existing floors to their datum levels. This solution is used in live operating environments where loaded bays need to be retained, the non-intrusive nature of injecting geopolymer resin means operations are not hindered.

Lifting floor slabs in warehousing that is undergoing renovation is also a core solution of Geobear. To discuss sunken floors or ground strengthening for mezzanines, contact Geobear. 0800 084 3503