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Guide to emergency response compliance

22 August 2021

EMERGENCY HAZMAT response service provider Chemtrec has published a comprehensive new guide to Emergency Response compliance, providing best practice advice and guidance for businesses exporting goods around the world.

Created in partnership with international regulatory experts, Denehurst Chemical Safety, the guide focuses primarily on two different sets of international regulations and how to achieve compliance: The Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations, which aim to prevent and mitigate any incidents during the transport of chemicals from one organisation to another; and the Supply Regulations, aimed at protecting chemical end-users.

The guide provides key information on country specific transport and supply requirements in a number of international countries including China, Korea, Australia, Brazil and Mexico, simplifying often complex regulations and providing the emergency response telephone numbers needed in order to comply. It highlights how, where and why to display emergency numbers, and who must be available to take the call, as well as considering wider regulatory requirements including Chinese Hazardous Chemical regulations and International Lithium Battery Test Summary requirements.

Although many countries have now adopted the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of Classification and labelling of chemicals as the basis for safety data sheet and labelling regulations, there is still a wide variety of regulations in place all over the world. 

The guide can be downloaded free here chemtrec.com/erguide