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Last mile software

15 January 2020

HERE Last Mile is expected to be available for selected customers at the end of Q1. It will pull out data and services from the HERE platform to assist urban delivery drivers.

HERE Last Mile is said to generate and distribute plans to maximise the efficient utilisation of a fleet of vehicles and drivers, considering constraints such as delivery windows and cost. The driver application helps the driver find the best route, providing turn-by-turn navigation, with real-time information on traffic flow and incidents and proof of delivery.

Dynamic re-planning helps react to last-minute changes including a customer not being able to receive his/her parcel or the breakdown of a vehicle to propose the most efficient route at any given point in time.

HERE Last Mile relies on HERE Location Services as well as on new enablers tailored for fleet optimisation and last mile deliveries.

Tour Planning – also available as a stand-alone product – optimises routes for the entire fleet taking into account delivery windows, job requirements, vehicle capabilities such as capacity and maximum range as well as traffic.