Handling heavy reels

28 February 2019

The cradle lifting attachment with reel transfer stand provides the easy handling of large and heavy reels of film or paper, for example, to and from a storage and production machinery.

The reel handling equipment allows the cradle attachment to be raised and lowered precisely, providing the easy transfer of items, either electronically or manually.

The reels are supported by a bar through the core. The bar has removable ‘reel retaining bosses’ fitted at each end. The bosses are provided to ensure that the reel cannot slide from the support bar while being handled or unwound. However, these bosses can be swiftly removed when in use, as they are secured by quick release locking pins.

The lifting equipment raises and lowers the attachment by a battery powered mechanism and this is operated by simple up and down buttons which are located ergonomically on the machines handle bars. Alternatively, it can be raised or lowered manually via the pump action of the tiller handle.

Reel lifters can be supplied with a reel transfer stand for interim reel storage and handling. The stand is supplied with four braked, swivel castors. When these are locked the stand becomes a static platform from which it can be used to support the reel while it is being unwound.

Lifting capacity of this lifter is up to 225kg depending upon the model.