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Handling pallets and cartons

13 February 2020

Interroll will showcase its proven innovative, energy- efficient solutions for both the handling of pallets and cartons at IntraLogisteX.

The manufacturer will present its Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) with modules that have the new DC platform with EC5000 RollerDrive installed and use energy-efficient 24V and 48V conveyor technology for zero pressure accumulation.

Users benefit from the quick and easy installation and quiet operation. The Interroll MCP offers high throughput and can be flexibly applied in entire conveying systems, assuring maximum uptime and scalability for future growth.

Interroll will also exhibit its Crossbelt Sorter range, tailored to the value creation and requirements of system integrators, while boosting end users’ throughput while reducing operating and maintenance costs dramatically. The range includes installation-friendly sorters which are quick and easy to integrate into larger systems. Depending on the unit loads conveyed, performance targets and spatial conditions, sorters with either a horizontal configuration (circular structure) or vertical configuration (linear structure) can be deployed. With the horizontal crossbelt sorter, goods can also be transported in curves and up or down slopes. This makes for an extremely flexible, three-dimensional sorting system. In addition, the vertical crossbelt sorter has a space-saving design and enables precise discharge and careful transport. Stand 621