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Happy employees work harder

13 February 2020

A recent blog from Mark Wheeler at Zebra Technologies stated that keeping warehouse workers comfortable at work is a challenge and that’s even more reason why it should be your priority.

When was the last time you asked your workers if they were comfortable? Not how things are going. Not how they’re feeling. But, very pointedly, if they’re comfortable. While this may not be a huge shock, I think it’s a crucial reminder that organisations have to be willing to invest more in their workers.

Comfort and happiness go hand in hand, and happy workers won’t be as inclined to look for a “better” job – good news for those wanting to improve retention rates.

However, the definition of “comfort” is going to vary. Based on Zebra’s Warehousing Vision Study, the call to action resonated with the masses: 88% of warehouse leaders state that worker comfort and ergonomics are their top labour initiatives for the next five years.

When talking about “comfort” as a workplace motivator, we often reminded of the fact that happiness is subjective. Since each individual is incentivised to work harder for different reasons, is it even possible to make every worker comfortable enough and, therefore, happy enough to noticeably boost productivity?

What we do know is that technology plays a direct and considerable role in helping “workers use the time they have more effectively, increasing the pace at which they can work without sacrificing quality.” Therefore, the right technology can help to reduce workers’ stress levels and give them a greater sense of accomplishment – both of which can elevate workplace comfort and happiness levels.

Warehouse work is very scan intensive and can be tiring on the fingers, wrists and hands, says Bar Code Data. The motion of “tilt and verify” is something that can be addressed fairly easily in different ways. Ergonomics and design can play a major part.

Even forklift drivers can be helped by a smaller, well-positioned rugged tablet mounted on the dashboard that can easily be removed when they need to “grab it and go” to check something out on the floor.

It is clear ergonomics plays a big role worker effectiveness, To help, choose from a wide array of Zebra products.

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