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Heavy duty scissor lift innovation unveiled by Edmolift

02 December 2019

The world's first standardised Cat 5 scissor lift is released for intensive applications.

The new HDL2000 is a highly developed product having successfully completed a stringent testing regime over a two year period including continuous running under full load for over half a million cycles without failure and with zero downtime.

It is believed to be the heaviest duty standard model hydraulic scissor lift table in the world and uses category 5 hydraulic, the highest classification stipulated by En1570-1.

It is designed for the most intensive applications within automated production lines and for the vast resale market for system integrators and automators.

The HDL2000 is the first model to be launched from a new range designed specifically for this market. Edmolift has an exceptionally ambitious design program to take full advantage of this new technology in environments that work around the clock and must rely on minimal disruption to their production. Unlike tailor-made lifts this standardised product is available at a greatly reduced price over other alternatives.

The company says: “The HDL2000 is a huge leap forward in every sense. Intensive 365/24/7 operation, supreme reliability, long life span and virtually no maintenance, are all possible by using the smartest scissor lift innovations seen for decades. The initial model has a 2000kg capacity, 1000mm raised height, 200mm lowered height and a 1300mm x 800mm platform size.”

Darren Papani
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