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High performance data logger systems

09 June 2020

T&D Corporation designs versatile wireless data logger systems, such as the RTR-500 series, the Bluetooth featured WiFi logger TR-7 series and the easy-to-use Bluetooth logger TR4-series, as well as appropriate software applications.

The company’s solutions provide error-free workflow and documentation. T&D offers data loggers adaptable for the individual needs of food facilities and transport. 

The data loggers in the RTR-500 family support users who need a wireless logging option, as well as maximum flexibility. The RTR-500 loggers can measure temperature, humidity, mA, voltage, pulse, UV, illuminance and CO2. They can also monitor a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels. For example, the RTR-507-S is splash proof (IP64) and offers high accuracy at ± 2.5% relative humidity and ± 0.3°C, as well as a measuring range from -25 up to 70°C and 0 to 99% relative humidity.

Large area monitoring

By simultaneously connecting up to 640 data loggers of the RTR-500 series to one base station via WLAN RTR-500AW, Wired LAN RTR-500NW, USB RTR-500 or 3G Mobile Communication RTR-500MBS-A, large areas can be monitored at the same time.


The TR4 series comprises three competitively priced models, two of them waterproof. Their high precision and wide-ranging measurement capabilities, combined with ultimate flexibility, make the TR4 data loggers ideal for monitoring the transportation of sensitive goods such as fresh or frozen food, or products for medical use. The rugged TR41, for example, is waterproof (IP67) and records a wide range of temperatures from - 40°C to 80°C. With a mobile device, data can be easily checked at any time via the T&D ThermoRec and ThermoStorage Apps. 

T&D’s Bluetooth featured WiFi TR-7wb series is ideal for temperature and humidity monitoring. No computer is needed in order to use the TR-7wb series on site, as it can be set up on mobile devices, both iOS and Android. The recorded data can be auto-uploaded to the cloud. The TR-7wb (WLAN) and TR-7nw (LAN) data loggers can measure wide-ranging temperatures and humidity - for example, the TR-75wb or TR-75nw are temperature loggers with 2CH thermocouple sensor connections and measure from -199°C to 1760°C. With their highly responsive sensor, they’re ideal for use in refrigerators or cold storage areas.

Data analysis

T&D also offers constantly updated and improved software solutions, such as the free of charge and multifunctional T&D Cloud WebStorage Service, which includes the monitoring of recorded data, automatic downloads and warning notifications for the data loggers mentioned above. The T&D WebStorage Service can be used on a computer or mobile device, anytime and anywhere. The free of charge T&D Graph allows users to read larger numbers of recorded data files in the same graph, merge data, view and save data in multiple ways, and use more effective tools for data management and analysis.