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Higher accuracy with iForks

01 March 2019

RAVAS has released a new generation of iForks, with only 58mm fork height and no external components on the fork shank.

The RAVAS iForks-32 looks more like standard lift truck forks. The upgraded 3200 driver display offers new features, such as standard Bluetooth connectivity.

The big battery packs have been eliminated and replaced by more compact Lithium Ion batteries that supply the same capacity and more reliability. All scale components on the forks are now hidden below and behind the fork shoe, creating an efficient look.

RAVAS showed the technology at the recent LogiMAT show in Stuttgart. 

The company showed the Pick-by-weight concept. After each pick, the weighing system installed on the order pick truck communicates the weight increase on the forks of the truck to the ERP system. The ERP system compares the actual weight of the goods picked with the theoretical weight of the SKUs in the order line. If the two do not match, an error message is sent to the truck and the picker corrects his mistake where the cost is lowest: at the pick location.