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Hörmann plays critical role in key Derby hub

27 April 2020

One of Panattoni’s latest developments, Derby370, boasts over 370,990 sq. ft of warehousing space, and is located close to the city centre to provide arterial transport routes to the M1, A50, and A38.

As part of the site’s construction, Hörmann UK has supplied a diverse portfolio of solutions including standard loading bays, double deck loading bays, telescopic lip dock levellers, dock shelters, level access doors and fire exit doors. These products are said to provide the highest standards in efficiency, security and safety, supporting Panattoni in streamlining its client’s operations.

With the continued increase in logistics businesses incorporating a range of vehicle types into its fleet in order to sufficiently meet demand, Panattoni selected eight of Hörmann UK’s double deck dock shelters for the construction of Derby370. These enable clients to transport goods in and out of the warehouse using larger double deck trucks, as well as standard sized heavy goods vehicles for optimum operational efficiency. For enhanced thermal performance, the double deck docks are fitted with secondary electric roller blind top flaps to provide an efficient seal on smaller vehicles when using the bay.

24 of Hörmann UK’s standard loading bays have also been installed across the site with electrical operation for enhanced safety and security. The loading bays have insulated sectional panels with double glazed vision panels, providing an impressive U-value of 0.5/Wm².K. This is supported by a composite construction that comprises of galvanised sheet steel, with a stucco textured profile for a durable and resilient finish to withstand the external elements. 

The standard and double deck loading bays have been fitted with Hörmann UK’s innovative hydraulic dock levellers, featuring a 1metre telescopic lip to create an optimal loading platform that provides precise bridging for a range of vehicle types. Rubber draught seals to the edges of the levellers also support the minimisation of heat loss, aiding the site in achieving an EPC rating of A and BREEAM ‘Very Good’.

The 32 loading bays are also equipped with Hörmann UK’s LED external arrow traffic lights to signal to drivers when they can safely pull off from the bay, along with its LED trailer lights. These light up the back of trailers when being loaded or unloaded, providing outstanding levels of safety for all individuals.

Fergie Taylor, head of development delivery at Panattoni, said: “Panattoni projects are characterised by innovation, flexibility, speed and convenience. Not for the sake of simply getting the job done, but to provide our customers with real cost, service and performance advantages. Derby370 is reflective of this commitment, providing clients with a state-of-the-art warehouse that has been constructed to streamline supply chain operations from all aspects. 

“As a long term partner of Hörmann UK we knew we could rely on its wide portfolio of loading bay solutions to ensure we provide our clients with the highest standard in warehouse operations to successfully meet the ever-changing demands they face within the logistics sector.”  

Three of Hörmann UK’s Level Access Doors have also been installed at the site, offering a size of 4metres wide by 4.8metres high. The composite construction comprising of galvanised sheet steel features insulated sectional panels with stucco textured profiles for a U-Value of 0.5/Wm².K. The doors are electrically operated, with an anti lift device and an interlocked heavy duty shoot bolt to secure the door internally for first class security.

Safety edges are fitted to the bottom of the door to stop the door if it meets an obstruction while closing, while the edge also forms a weatherproof seal in the closed position for enhanced thermal efficiency. Derby370 also features 19 of Hörmann UK’s fire exit doors for comprehensive fire escape throughout the warehouse.

Tom Langley, projects director at Hörmann UK, said: “We are extremely proud to be a longstanding partner of one of the most high profile private developers in the world. Panattoni’s commitment to constructing and delivering warehouses of the future that are designed to meet each client’s individual needs is reflective of our own dedication at Hörmann to manufacture first class and industry leading solutions for the logistics industry.” 

The Derby370 site also houses three storey offices, a two storey hub office and a gatehouse, with planning permission and infrastructure in place for a vehicle maintenance unit, vehicle wash and fuel station.