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Humble but powerful kit

18 February 2020

The humble hand pallet truck is often overlooked even though many organisations need to reduce the strain of manual handling and increase productivity.

Ideal for every-day use in all types of application, this simple but intelligent truck is frequently taken for granted.

The BT Lifter from Toyota Material Handling is a robust manual pallet truck, capable of more than 100,000 lifts over a lifetime. An undeniable achievement for a forklift that was first introduced over 60 years ago. Like all Toyota trucks, the BT Lifter range is built according to the Toyota Production System (TPS), assuring the highest levels of quality, durability and reliability. 

It’s easy to understand why it has become a staple with 3,340,000 units already sold worldwide.

Quality build

Toyota’s hand pallet trucks are designed for a long lifetime of safe, reliable service. Carefully controlled tests have measured how many cycles they can accomplish. Comparable tests have shown other hands trucks wear out and need to be replaced up to five times more often than a BT Lifter. This results in low operating costs thanks to the trucks’ long operating life and maximum up-time. 

The BT Lifter range has been designed to be highly serviceable to reduce wear and keep it functioning perfectly. These trucks are built for reliability unlike others in the market, with solid steel pushrods to reduce maintenance, increase durability and increase uptime. Alongside this, the BT Lifters also incorporate an ergonomically designed handle to increase protection, comfort and ease of use for the operator. They are supplied with a 99-year functional guarantee on the fork frame making them a sustainable and reliable material handling solution.

Versatile and user-friendly

The BT Lifter range is innovatively designed to take the effort out of moving heavy loads. The BT Pro Lifter features powered drive which reduces the force required to get a heavy load moving by up to 67%. The range is versatile and user-friendly, with the BT High Lifter providing easy horizontal transport, moving loads quickly and easily. They can also elevate loads to an ergonomic working height for easy transfer, or use as a work table, reducing operator strain.

Suitable solutions are available for a wide range of applications including environments with high hygiene standards or corrosive environments with choices of wet spec, galvanised or stainless-steel trucks. And if you are required to keep noise to a minimum, there is no need to worry when operating a BT Lifter as these trucks are silent. 

Well maintained kit 

If it wasn’t enough that Toyota hand pallet trucks come with a lifetime guarantee, Toyota are unique in not only supplying the product but to also have a dedicated national team of hand pallet truck specialists supporting any maintenance and servicing requirements to keep your truck in top working order. As with any mechanical equipment, periodic maintenance will reduce the risk of breakdown or parts replacement. All Toyota’s mobile workshops are operated by specialists who work at a local level and are fully trained to repair all popular makes of hand pallet trucks, not just Toyota. They are fully equipped with a range of parts to ensure your trucks continue to work safely, reduce the risk of breakdown and extend its’ operating life. Some people view hand pallet trucks as disposable items, however, if they are correctly maintained they will last for many years proving a worthwhile investment. It is a common service visit for HPT Specialists to be servicing equipment that is more than 20 years of age. Recently at a customers' site there was an HPT that is 52 years old. Reliable and quality service to keep your trucks safe and operational is a no brainer. 

Stuart Reilly commented: “A common mistake that users of hand pallet trucks make is that they forget the need to comply with legislation”. The team are well equipped to provide advice on the best trucks and service plans for any operation, ensuring that you are complying with health and safety regulations (PUWER and LOLER). 

Toyota Hand Pallet Truck Specialists offer free of charge site survey assessments on single units, to fleets of more than 500 units.  

Some applications need more power 

Some applications need more power than the BT Lifter range can offer and that’s when the Toyota range of powered pallet trucks can be introduced. With the market segment of powered pedestrian trucks growing quickly, Toyota´s powered pallet truck range has been optimised to exceed customer needs.

Starting with our new BT Tyro LHE130 light duty powered pallet truck, right up to our ‘state of the art’ Lithium-Ion powered, fully connected LPE250 ride on powered pallet truck. Toyota always has the solution to customers horizontal movement challenges. 

All built like the BT Lifter range, with Toyota’s legendary toughness and quality.

If you would like any advice or guidance regarding the BT Lifter range of hand pallet trucks or servicing, please visit website www.toyota-forklifts.co.uk or contact us on 0370 850 1409 today.