Hygienic lifting

13 November 2018

The HSE advises that injuries from lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying and putting down an object is currently responsible for 66% of RIDDOR’S (reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations) from the pharmaceutical industry.

Specifically the back area is the most commonly injured due to manual handling.

One of the recommendations to reduce the risk to employees is the implementation of manual handling aids.

Efficient and safe product handling is at the forefront of all products designed by LKE.

Products include the Robusto FL 350, which has been developed to support in the lifting and movement of chemical drums, and the electric Robusto Trans lifter for the movement of pallets with a large load capacity of 1500kg.

Customers within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries also demand sterile and clean product solutions, constructed entirely from stainless steel and with ATEX zone approval.

LKE offer surface treatments on many of their products including aluminum pallets coated with its AluClean hygienic polish.

LKE’s Simran Bourne says: "This treatment gives the pallet an anti-bacterial coating stopping any bacteria from settling on the product, it also has the added benefit of preventing corrosion and rusting".

Robusto lifters are supplied glass bead blasted as standard to support in the production of clean surfaces and the Robusto lifting trucks are electro polished specifically for sterile high care environments.

Alongside the large number of products already developed, LKE also recognises the need in some instances to provide bespoke solutions as Matt Howell comments ‘following an initial free site survey we listen to a customer’s need and design a solution for their requirements, if the solutions is not within our standard range we will develop one specifically for them’.

The Robusto 2300 is one of the most popular products in the wide range that LKE offers. It is an entirely stainless steel (1.4301) hand pallet truck with the ability for custom sizes to suit bespoke equipment, and testament to the quality of the product is that LKE often receives enquiries for spare parts from serial numbers dating back to 1991.