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Meeting evolving logistics challenges

08 July 2021

Whatever a materials handling operation involves, from cross docking, to loading and unloading trailers, or order picking in the warehouse, businesses will all face their own set of particular challenges. Add to this a changing logistics industry landscape, and the right choice of equipment becomes ever more crucial for productivity and controlling costs, says Hyster Europe.

THE LATEST “lithium-ion ready” Platform Pallet Trucks from Hyster Europe, have been developed with this in mind. With different configurations and lift capacities, and a range of optional extra features available, here’s how these intelligently designed warehouse trucks are helping different intense industry applications to overcome common challenges. 

Challenge: Keeping up with increased demand

Many operations, especially third-party logistics (3PL) firms, have seen increases in demand. There has been a boom in e-commerce in recent years, magnified by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

To help operations keep up with demand and optimise productivity, the new Hyster Platform Pallet Truck can be specified with longer forks, to allow the transportation of two pallets per journey (or more, if handled crossways). A variety of fork lengths up to 2850 mm are available.  

Another feature some logistics operations may benefit from is a choice of two fork heights – 85mm and 75mm – which enables the efficient handling of both standard and low-profile disposable pallets.

Challenge: Transporting goods over long distances

Pallet trucks are sometimes required to cover great distances as they transport goods in large warehouses with long aisles.  Offering competitive travel speeds and a range of different driving modes, the new Hyster Platform Pallet Trucks help to support operational productivity for these operations. 

Exceptional manoeuvrability in the aisle further supports productivity and efficiency, and a choice of different wheels assist smooth travel across a wide variety of challenging surfaces, from ramps and uneven grounds, to wet floors and cold stores. 

Challenge: Labour shortage and employee retention 

In many markets, the supply chain is currently facing a severe labour shortage. Pallet truck operators are often required to work hard during long shifts, particularly in intense 24/7 applications. The right operator comfort and ergonomics can help aid productivity. Keeping operators comfortable and happy can also help to support employee retention. 

The new Hyster P2.0-3.0S Platform Pallet Truck is available in three different configurations - with either a folding platform and new side arms, or a fixed platform with new side, or rear, protection design.  The new side and rear protection designs offer support, comfort, and convenience to the operator throughout a shift. 

A high load backrest offers the operator reassurance when transporting taller loads, and adjustable scooter control is available for the fixed platform trucks. A choice of fixed or adjustable tiller further supports operators of foldable platform models. 

For an enhanced driving position, the optional tiller can be adjusted at the touch of a button, and operatives can also choose from different pre-configured and customisable settings to suit their skill levels – ideal for getting new (correctly trained) employees up and running on the equipment quickly.

Challenge: Operating efficiently in small spaces

For many warehouse and storage operations, space is at a premium. The Hyster P2.0-3.0S Platform Pallet Truck models with a foldable, rather than fixed, platform provide excellent manoeuvrability even in narrow aisle widths or congested areas. 

For travel and transporting goods normally, they can engage the ride-on operator mode, by folding out the platform, which has an operator presence sensor, offering optimal flexibility. But when operation is required in narrow spaces, the operator can quickly and easily switch the pallet truck to pedestrian mode.

Challenge: Loading or unloading in the dark

Pallet truck operators are often required to load or unload goods in dark trailers. A powerful light can be specified for the new Hyster Platform Pallet Truck series, which illuminates the load area. Operated automatically or manually, this helps the operator to quickly and easily locate pallets in the dark, aiding productivity.  For fixed platform truck models, platform lights are an option to help make the trucks visible, even in dark environments. Plus, an assistive pedestrian awareness light is also available to help support awareness for trained operators, and those working around them.

Challenge: Efficient battery charging and management 

For busy and intense applications that require pallet trucks to operate around the clock, battery charging has to be efficient.  Quick and easy battery charging on the Hyster Platform Pallet Truck helps to optimise uptime, with top and side battery charging options are available for added convenience.  

In case lithium-ion batteries better suit the application, the new series is designed to be ‘lithium-ion ready’, with a controller that automatically recognises the chemistry of the battery (lithium-ion vs. lead-acid). This means there is no need to change any parameters to enable effective battery management. 

And there’s more…

Depending on the specific model, other additional customisations to suit an application’s challenges can include a coasting function, Hyster Intelligent Lift™, soft lowering, a foot sensor, key or keypad access and a cold store option.

Suited to busy warehouses, the new Platform Pallet Trucks from Hyster are built with the same level of toughness and reliability found across the wide range of Hyster warehouse equipment.  Capable of lifting up to 3 tonnes, the new models all feature an updated fork design, a robust base frame, steel battery cover and improved ground clearance of pull rods. 

Heavy-duty components and a reliable electrical system contribute to a low cost of ownership, while ease of service access and diagnostics helps maximise truck uptime. Responsive support is offered via the global network of trusted local Hyster distribution partners.

Any challenge, any application

For further information, about the range of Hyster equipment or to find your local Hyster distribution partner, visit www.hyster.com.

Pandemic response

“Over the last year, lots of customers have experienced a significant upturn in their e-commerce and warehouse activity, driven by the Covid-19 pandemic and an overall rise in online shopping,” comments Leigh Edgley, Briggs Equipment’s Group Sales and Marketing Director.

“Whilst this is undoubtedly good news for those businesses, it has placed an added emphasis on the reliability and performance of their warehouse equipment. We’ve heard excellent feedback from those customers about how the latest Platform Pallet Truck Series from Hyster has been crucial in helping them fulfil orders and maximise warehouse efficiency. The overall functionality of the trucks, which is focused on increasing productivity whilst also maintaining operator comfort, has mitigated some of the major impacts of the pandemic and helped support their business.

“The Hyster materials handling product range has a proven track record of being able to adapt and evolve with the changing requirements of our customers and this includes the PPT series. This past year has shown how difficult it can be to predict a sudden change in demand or circumstance, but what can be guaranteed is consistent performance and reliability, no matter what the situation, from Hyster’s materials handling products.”

For more information on how Briggs Equipment can support your business with the Hyster materials handling range, speak to our team via 03301 23 98 50 or visit www.briggsequipment.co.uk.