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Deep cleanse for L’Occitane 

07 June 2021

Global beauty brand, L’Occitane, has joined forces with cleaning contractor ICE Cleaning to mitigate the spread of viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus, throughout its warehouse to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its employees at all times.

WITH OVER 60 stores across the UK, L’Occitane’s extensive offering of high-quality skincare, body care, hand care, hair care and fragrances can also be purchased online from its ecommerce site with UK next day delivery.

L’Occitane’s operational success, both in store and online, depends on the continuous proficiency of its warehouse, which represents one of the most significant departments of the business. 

However, the very nature of a warehouse relies on human interaction, with L’Occitane’s employees playing an essential role in managing and distributing the high volumes of stock that travel throughout the warehouse. 

To maintain the proficiency of its operations, whilst simultaneously ensuring the continued safety and wellbeing of employees by mitigating against the spread of virus and bacteria, L’Occitane required a rapid and cost-effective solution, with ICE Cleaning providing a bespoke cleaning and decontamination service to fulfil these unique requirements.

ICE Cleaning founding director Zac Hemming, says: “The pandemic has had a huge impact on businesses over the last year, particularly for retailers such as L’Occitane, who rely heavily on the physical presence of its workforce in order for operations to continue to run successfully. 

Cases were on the rise and all of our staff were apprehensive about attending work, so the cleaning solution we use really gives the team peace of mind and makes us all feel a little bit safer at work.”

“To create the safest possible working environment, our team of highly skilled technicians complete a deep clean of the L’Occitane warehouse once a month, which includes our highly effective decontamination service that uses innovative cleaning technology to provide maximum protection.”

ICE Cleaning’s decontamination solution, ICE SHIELD, uses electrostatic technology to form a protective barrier that effectively wraps around surfaces or touchpoints, destroying 99.9% of traces of coronavirus and other bacteria and viruses. The treatment guarantees full surface protection throughout the L’Occitane warehouse for up to 14 days.  

L’Occitane distribution centre manager James Lemon, explains: “Finding ICE Cleaning couldn’t have happened at a better time for us during the pandemic. Cases were on the rise and all of our staff were apprehensive about attending work, so the cleaning solution we use really gives the team peace of mind and makes us all feel a little bit safer at work. It also sends a positive message to the team too, that their safety, wellbeing and providing a safe place to work is really important to us as a company.”

As well as having access to the latest industry-leading equipment, ICE Cleaning’s team of experienced technicians are IPAF qualified, meaning they can work at heights to ensure the necessary requirements are fulfilled when providing its warehouse cleaning services.  

Zac continued: “By eliminating the threat of coronavirus and other illnesses in the warehouse, L’Occitane reduce the risk of its operations being affected by the pandemic, while also helping workers feel more comfortable and motivated to thrive in the workplace, which in turn leads to more efficient and successful operations.”

ICE Cleaning is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with an emergency response team able to arrive on-site within an hour. The company’s expert technicians are trained to the highest standards, whilst adhering to all the relevant health and safety regulations. 

For more information, visit www.icecleaning.co.uk