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Immingham contract for sheet pile specialist

26 April 2021

SHEET PILING UK has awarded a long-term contract to PD Ports at its Immingham site to store and handle the company’s steel sheet piles ready for use within the construction industry.

PD Ports will now store and handle up to 16,000 tonnes of imported sheet pile materials at the location. Value added services include pick and pack, clutch sealing, cutting and welding.

Sheet Piling UK’s imports and supply chain was unaffected by both Covid-19 and Brexit, due to its position as the exclusive strategic partner of Emirates Steel in the UK and Ireland.  This stability has enabled Sheet Piling UK to extend its storage arrangements with PD Ports.

Sheet Piling UK’s imports, which arrive directly into Immingham from Abu Dhabi, will now be stored and worked on-site before onward distribution. Previously, they were imported, transported via road, worked and then re-distributed. The new arrangement saves the need for the double-handling of cargo.

Sheet Piling UK MD, Andrew Cotton says: “This new stage of the relationship with PD Ports will strengthen our commitment to provide a flexible stockholding of steel sheet piles within the UK construction sector and make the supply of steel sheet piles to customers even more seamless and swift.”

For more information, visit www.pdports.co.uk