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In-line light grill enhances safety

12 July 2021

A NEW high speed industrial sectional door, the Series 60, has been designed and developed by Hörmann.

When fitted with the new WA 500 FU operator, the Series 60 can achieve a door opening speed of up to 1 m/s making it the fastest sectional door on the market, says the manufacturer.

Optimised track radii and enlarged rollers result in up to 5 dB(A) quieter door operation together with improved stability, leading to low wear and smoother door travel. Easy fitting and maintenance are aided by reduced components and the provision of press-fitted screws, whilst transition sleeves provide a precise fitting of the track and radius. The door is delivered factory set to the optimum speed but can be easily adjusted and the speed varied to suit individual operational requirements.

Operator safety is enhanced by the inclusion of an in-line light grill which automatically stops the door if an obstruction occurs while the door is closing.

For added security anti-lift kits are fitted on both sides of the bottom section of the door as standard, and optional RC 2 security measures are available according to DIN/TS 18194. 

The new WA 500 FU operator features soft-start and soft-stop for gentle, smooth door travel, and constant travel speed for both high-lift and vertical track applications.

The set-up and commissioning of the Series 60 door is fast and simple with the provision of a Bluetooth app. Accessible using either a mobile phone or tablet, the app provides users with step-by-step instructions and fault finding and diagnostic data.

As part of their strategy to improve and optimise warehouse operations, Hörmann UK are installing four Series 60 doors and WA 500 FU operators at its Coalville headquarters. The doors, which will each measure 5m wide x 4.5m high, incorporate a 42mm insulated panel and triple glazed vision panels providing excellent thermal properties.  

Hörmann UK operations manager Kerry Seager, says: “The past 9 months have seen an increased level of vehicle movements in and out of our Coalville facility as our levels of business continue to grow. When it came to replacing our existing sectional doors in our four loading bays the Series 60 was the obviously choice.”

For more information, visit www.hormann.co.uk