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Intelligent cabinets for better device availability

06 November 2020

Does your team need better device availability, better device security and to optimise workflows? If so, Bar Code Data has introduced Zebra Intelligent Cabinets to improve the use of mobile devices for workers.

The cabinets secure and store mobile computers, mobile printers, scanners and tablets. Features include:

  • Charge and monitor battery life at a glance
  • Prevent damage and loss
  • Regulate and audit device access by authorised personnel
  • Manage and update devices remotely without significant manual intervention
  • Optimise workflows

The Zebra Access Management System provides real-time visibility into the status of your devices, which ones have been used and where they are located. Locking options include RFID enabled locks and device cradle locks will enhance loss prevention and ensure the availability of devices for the start of the working day.

Zebra Signature Services provide program management, deployment and learning services to ensure that the solution is properly tailored to your needs. Zebra VisibilityIQ has a single pane view to monitor device behaviour, while Zebra OneCare offers ongoing technical support.

Cabinets are customisable for your industry, environment and product mixes.

For more information, visit www.barcodedata.co.uk