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Interroll designs holistic solution for pallet moving

10 January 2020

Interroll has complemented its Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP) with a stacker crane and transfer car.

The combined solution enables the storage and retrieval of up to 100 pallets per hour.

The new products allow users—in interaction with the Interroll Pallet Flow dynamic storage system—to implement compact, robust and efficient pallet handling automation solutions that excel with very low planning and installation costs and high energy efficiency.

The package means companies have the opportunity for the first time to implement a continuous material flow with pallets with technology from a single source. The solution can be used in, for example, incoming and outgoing goods or between warehouse, production and order picking. System integrators and plant constructors can expand with cost-effective plug-and-play pallet conveyor solutions, which can also be planned in a very simple and user-friendly way using Interroll's Layouter tool.

“With our compact automation platform, users can replace cost- and accident-prone forklift truck traffic and take advantage of new high-throughput pallet applications through the flexible combination of our modular conveyor and flow storage systems,” explains Michael Kuhn, MD of Interroll Kronau. “For example, flow storage systems can now be designed as highly dynamic dispatch warehouses and the space required for automated route preparation can be significantly reduced."

Stacker crane

The heart of a highly dynamic pallet handling system is the new stacker crane, which has been perfectly designed for connection to the Pallet Flow storage system. The lightweight construction and integrated energy recovery make the system extremely energy-efficient. The overall height is 12 metres, the horizontal travel speed is 3 metres per second and the lifting speed is 0.8 metres per second. At the initial launch, the system is designed to transport Euro pallets with a maximum weight of 800kg. Adaptions for the use of additional pallet formats will be carried out step by step over the next few months. The system is equipped with an integrated lifting speed control and powerful braking systems. Due to the modular and preassembled design of the steel construction, the stacker crane requires low maintenance and is easy to deliver and install.

Transfer car

Like the storage and retrieval machine, the MPP is supplemented by a new transfer car for fast pallet conveying. Up to 5 metres per second can be achieved, allowing even greater distances to be bridged quickly and reliably, for example in the area of route preparation or the connection between warehouse and production. The transfer car weighs just 275kg and, thanks to the intelligent drive concept, does not require a control cabinet for the electrical connection.

As new components of the MPP, the stacker crane and the transfer car can be conveniently planned using Interroll's Layouter tool and combined to form a complete solution.

Integrated control

The Interroll Pallet Control PC 6000 is responsible for controlling the pallet conveyor modules. The control is easy to attach to the side profile and put into operation. In combination with the Interroll MultiControl, the Pallet Control PC 6000 enables the control of 400-volt and 24/48-volt drives, offering an integrated control concept for the entire pallet conveyor system. For every requirement, be it the transport of heavy or light pallets, Interroll offers a uniform solution for different operating modes. This makes it possible to operate sections of the line autonomously, transport with zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) or to operate continuously. Depending on requirements, the systems can be controlled locally or centrally via programmable logic controller (PLC).

The new integrated control concept consisting of proven controls considerably reduces the planning and installation effort. Matched interfaces and simple cabling enable the pallet conveyor system to be put into operation quickly.