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Interroll establishes new service organisation

07 June 2021

THE CONVEYING leader is placing its services for new and existing customers, marketed under the name Interroll Lifetime Service, on a new organisational footing.

It has created a central service unit in Sinsheim, Germany, which is responsible for European spare parts and repair management, maintenance, installation services and training measures. The aim is to continuously improve convenience for system integrators and end users. 

A central element of the new organisation is the newly created central warehouse for standard spare parts in Ketsch near Heidelberg, which is operated by a logistics partner. This is where over 90% of the operation-critical spare parts for key products and conveyor modules for material flow solutions based on Interroll's modular platform solutions are kept. Its central location in Europe, direct connection to the major long-distance transport axes and proximity to Frankfurt Airport ensure a rapid supply of spare parts to European customers and users. Depending on the respective service contract, delivery of corresponding orders is guaranteed within 24 hours. This also applies to the repair and general overhaul of products such as drum motors, special conveyor modules and key Smart Pallet Mover (SPM) products for which the central workshop in Baal near Düsseldorf and its decentralised repair facilities in the various European countries are responsible.

Global Lifetime Service

The new service organisation, called Global Lifetime Service, includes around 100 qualified Interroll service employees in the European subsidiaries as well as certified partners who are responsible for providing customer-oriented support and carrying out the respective maintenance, repair and installation services throughout Europe within the framework of the central service unit in Sinsheim, the central warehouse in Ketsch and the repair facilities.

The new service organisation, which is set up as a profit centre, will support new and existing customers with a variety of needs-based spare parts services In addition, installation and maintenance services— such as on-site commissioning, maintenance, inspection, repair and optimisation of existing solutions based on Interroll technologies—will be offered. Moreover, online support for preventive maintenance measures and training services will be provided. Following its introduction in Europe, a corresponding reorganisation for the marketing of Interroll Lifetime Service will also take place in America and Asia.

For more information, visit www.interroll.com