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Jungheinrich predicts slow three years after decade of growth

31 January 2020

In 2019, Jungheinrich saw revenues of just over 4 billion euros with EBIT of 260m euros, after a decade of consistent growth.

The German intralogistics manufacturer cautioned it expected growth to plateau over the next three years.

Christian Erlach, board member for sales and marketing at Jungheinrich AG said: “Next year will be more difficult as the economy is slowing down. It is not a crisis but it is slowing down. We think it will be down by about 2% and the next 3 years will be more or less static.”

Jungheinrich is betting heavily on lithium as the forklift power source of tomorrow’s warehouse.

In 2016, it shipped some 1,600 lithium-powered trucks, and this grew to 15,000 by 2019. By 2025 Erlach estimates 80% of trucks shipped by the manufacturer will be lithium-powered. At the moment, 98% of Jungheinrich’s output are electric powered trucks, with just 2% powered by IC engines.

Erlach also lauded the JT Energy Systems joint venture with Triathlon, of which Jungheinrich owns 70%. The JV is dedicated to lithium battery manufacturing and recycling.

This is a part of Jungheinrich’s lithium vision. It wants to be the market leader on lithium-based forklifts from manufacturing to energy management and recycling and all points in between. A new factory is being built for the manufacture of lithium powered trucks, and it has expanded its range of lithium chargers and energy storage devices, including models designed for outside use. 

Jungheinrich explained these devices could be used to help manage power draw efficiently, allow companies to take advantage of off-peak charging, and integrate with renewables as part of an energy management solution provided by the manufacturer. 

Last, but certainly not least, in its array of lithium related announcements, Jungheinrich previewed the P30i electric counterbalance truck, which it claims will be a one-for-one replacement for any IC truck in any task, regardless of performance workload or outside conditions. The truck is expected to launch to market in late 2021.

The truck will use the chassis and overhead guard etc from Jungheinrich’s existing hydrostatic truck range and combine it with with lithium power, and the control unit, lift motor and drive axle developed from its existing electric counterbalance trucks.

Jungheinrich says it will be more expensive to buy than an IC truck, but claims a better TCO when lifetime energy costs are taken into consideration.

We will have more on the P30i in coming articles and the next issue of Handling & Storage solutions.