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Large consignment sells quickly

04 February 2022

HANDLING EQUIPMENT UK, one of the UK’s leading importers of EP materials handling equipment, has recently taken delivery of over 30 trucks with a combined value of £500,000.

This latest consignment includes a variety of models including Warrior EP pallet trucks, fork trucks and associated equipment.

The latest generation of Warrior EP electric pallet trucks are exclusively powered by Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries and offer safe load carrying capacities from 1200kg up to 2000kg. Comprising four models, the Warrior range is designed to be operator-friendly for extensive use throughout the UK’s logistics industry within distribution centres and warehouses. However, the flexibility and versatility of the range has simplified numerous handling applications in factories, ports, retail outlets and many other environments where safe and reliable handling is essential.

A wide variety of conventional fork trucks was also included in the recent consignment to arrive at Handling Equipment UK’s extensive premises in Stourbridge. These units comprised a selection of both diesel engine and Li-ion powered fork trucks offering capacities up to five tonnes whilst the specification of some models included both full driver’s cabs and heaters.

Such is the fast-growing popularity of the EP product range that Handling Equipment UK had already sold the complete consignment before the trucks were offloaded at Felixstowe. Also, the next sizeable delivery of trucks is expected early in 2022 to meet a demand that Handling Equipment UK’s managing director, Andy Williams, describes as almost insatiable. 

He says: “As a main UK dealer for EP handling equipment, we supply an increasing number of distributors and end users across a wide range of industries. In recent times, deliveries into the UK have been hampered by shipping problems and considerable congestion at various ports. However, I’m confident that we shall continue to meet demand with a proven and innovative product range.”

For more information, visit www.handlingequipment.co.uk