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Large double-crossing switches

28 February 2022

AVANCON PRESENTS what it says is a much more economical way to cross boxes from conveyor to conveyor.

Traditionally it has been complicated and expensive to produce a double crossing switch in roller-conveyors, but Swiss firm Avancon is said to have developed a solution for building crossings and diverters. The OTU (Omni-directional Transfer Unit) has two powered rollers, which can move horizontally in any direction through a bevel gear. The bevel gear is driven by timing belts and OTU lines can be combined and used together with one BLDC motor, which reduces cost.

It uses a pinion drive for moving the two rollers in the desired direction, powered by a rack, which combines all OTU units.

The double-crossing switch can be varied in width and length, depending on the size of the goods to be transported. It moves goods from both sides whether direct straight in line or crossing from one line diagonal to the other, or in in both ways. The speed is adjustable from 0.3m/s to 1.5m/s. The Roller-Pitch is 75mm or 37.5mm.

The contribution is also short (200 mm), meaning it is possible to install two conveyor lines on top of each other. There is nothing

that could disturb, like mechanism to move up or down or pneumatics or hydraulics.

This double-crossing switch fits into any conveyor construction, although it is designed with the Avancon ZPC Conveyor Concept.

For more information, visit www.avancon.com