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Large-scale multi-level project

27 August 2021

In principle, a mezzanine floor is a free-standing independent structure that is modular and therefore can be adapted, extended and even relocated if required. 

THIS HELPS a business to increase storage capacity and work areas or create new office space to support growth. Two years ago Avanta UK designed, supplied and installed a huge fire rated two tier mezzanine floor for a leading multi-channel retailer and was invited back to extend the floor.

The original floor measured 14,500 sq m and the extension would offer a further 7,500 sq m for the client to utilise. An additional 300 linear metres of hand-rail were required for levels 1 and 2 and an additional 3 staircases.

The extension was fire rated for 1 hour protection using suspended ceilings to the underside of both levels and all steel columns encased in fire rated column casings and fascia to match. The two timber decked levels were finished with a clear epoxy resin giving anti-slip and water proofing properties. 

In addition to the existing Longspan Shelving supplied and installed by Avanta that gave 50,000 BDC box locations, Avanta supplied and built new Longspan shelving that offered an additional 60,000 BDC locations. The shelving has drop over mesh decks with an integral divider and floor level also had a box section back stop.

Running concurrently with the mezzanine project were multiple projects centred around the uses of the floor. In addition to the BDC storage these include:

- Secure partitioned area formed from solid steel and mesh panels with garment hanging system for high value stock

- Creation of specific self-contained workspaces for concessions including partitions, suspended ceilings, benches and more

Covid secure packing areas with 2mx1m workbenches and 2m high covid screens.

Working in close partnership with the client over many years and many successfully completed mezzanine projects has enabled Avanta UK to refine its offering to suit the client’s expectations exactly. This includes the decking finished in anti-slip waterproof resin. All edge protection is complete with additional 1200mm high mesh panels for extra fall arrest protection of product. Ground level has additional barrier and column protection as standard for the busy warehouse.

Avanta UK acted as principal contractor throughout the original build of the mezzanine floor and the extension projects. This offers the client peace of mind in terms of health & safety as well as knowing there will be consistent Avanta site management presence as part of the wider comprehensive package.

For more information, visit www.avantauk.com

Selected stats

Item                      Original Floor     Extension     Total

Size                      14,500m²            7,500m²       22,000 m²

Handrail              800m                  300m           1100m

Staircases            6                         3                   9

BDC Boxes          50,000                60,000          110,000