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Layer picker solutions

09 September 2019

Solutions promise to address customer need for improved and highly specialised layer picking processes.

The system combines the high bay storage, conveyors and a Warehouse Control System (WCS) of Körber Logistics with Layer Picker technology from Riantics.

It provides customers with Rainbow and Sandwich pallets, software-driven by the proprietary WCS that can be integrated into any warehouse software environment via plug-and-play. Setting the industry standard for depalletising and pallet-to-pallet picking systems, the Layer Picker technology is an unmatched, proven solution.

It operates fully automated and handles almost every kind of food retail packaging in the customers’ warehouse. It handles single or several layers and also layers with voids and operates in temperatures ranging between -28°C and +40°C. With automated material handling and storage systems from Consoveyo, Körber Logistics provides its customers with the possibility of building turnkey solutions for intralogistics applications such as automated storage, handling, internal transport, picking and order fulfillment.

An extensive range of products are available for Consoveyo’s Integrated Solutions eg. Stacker Cranes, Overhead Monorail, AGV’s, RGVs and Conveyor Systems. From building a new distribution centre to modernising or expanding a logistics operation, Körber Logistics works in close cooperation with the customer, providing tailor-made solutions in a structured, interactive process from idea to production and to implementation.

Visitors to the Körber Logistics booth at the IMHX (Sept 24-27) will learn how to optimise their warehouses in a tailored way. The Körber Logistics companies Riantics and Consoveyo will be present with their flexible, scalable and automated material handling and storage systems. Booth 18M105