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Lead-acid to lithium-ion conversions

19 November 2019

Hoppecke Industrial Batteries has released a modular lithium-ion energy system that can be installed in industrial trucks that are designed to take lead-acid batteries with no requirement for vehicle-specific adjustments.

In each trak | powerpack lion system, developed by Hoppecke group company Intilion, there is a 2.2kWh-24.5kWh battery, a high-frequency charger and an adapter tray.

Stuart Browne, operations director - sales and service at Hoppecke UK, said: “We’re really excited about our latest lithium-ion battery technology because almost any fleet can be converted quickly, efficiently and at a sensible cost.

“By offering a customised solution that takes into consideration applications and workflows we're able to optimise costs at the outset, and since the trak | powerpack lion is available to rent, businesses can reap the benefits whilst avoiding large capital commitments.”

The 24v and 48v batteries offer capacities of 85Ah to 510Ah while the 80v batteries can generate 480Ah and all batteries incorporate high-end lithium-ion cells (NMC) capable of being fully charged in under 60 minutes. The design of Hoppecke's chargers not only allows batteries to be charged quickly, safely and with maximum efficiency, but also promotes careful handling to prolong service life. Irrespective of the state of charge, batteries can be stored for at least six months with no risk of deep discharge.

The high charging current facilitates continuous vehicle operation with a 30-minute intermediate charge. The chargers provide performance and consumption data and can be linked to a fleet management system for enhanced reporting. A separate plug connector allows charging via the adapter tray, which is installed within the truck's battery compartment along with steel counter weights to ensure minimum battery weight.

Stuart concludes: “With our next generation lithium-ion energy system customers enjoy a quicker return on their investment thanks to longer service life, no maintenance costs and lower energy consumption. It is extremely versatile and can be deployed quickly even in vehicles which the manufacturer originally specified with lead-acid batteries.”