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Linde enhances tugger train system

01 November 2021

NEW TRAILERS and a cloud-based tugger train guidance system have been added to the Linde Logistic Train from Linde Material Handling.

The tugger train guidance system determines the most appropriate route, reduces error rates and employee training time, and responds to order-related changes with real time adjustments.

The tugger train control system receives all relevant information on material transports from the ERP or WMS system. From this, it generates individual routing orders and displays them on a large touch screen in the cockpit. Order by order, operators are directed to the correct assembly workstations along an optimum route. This process is preceded by the configuration of the tugger trains, trailers, stops, routes and reports by means of multilingual software. Via the dashboard, warehouse managers have an overview of the entire application and can trigger key figures and reports to further optimise its use.

Horizontal transport of goods by means of tugger trains is particularly effective where large quantities of different parts and components have to be delivered over long distances to the right place at the right time. 

“Transport of pallets and stillages using tugger trains makes both economic and ecological sense compared to single unit transport and furthermore, is in line with Lean Manufacturing philosophy,” explains Mal Rexhepi, product manager automation & load train solutions. Further component supply advantages delivered by tugger trains include the reduction of in-house traffic volumes and a reduced accident potential combined with easier process planning.

New trailer models for the Linde Logistic Train – including the LT-C C-frame, the LT-B Bridge Frame and the LT-BM Bridge Frame with adjustable centre support. These improved trailer designs ensure even greater safety and flexibility. 

One notable new feature is the innovative and patented lifting profile mechanism for the Bridge Frames. It not only enables the transport of a wide variety of rolling racks and trolleys, but can also be configured to lift pallets without load carriers loaded into the trailer with a pallet truck, for example. In this case, the lifting profiles are initially concealed in the trailer frame at the beginning of the loading process so that the operator can push the trolleys in unhindered. The optional adjustable middle support allows different container sizes to be handled by the same trailer without significantly increasing the train length.

The highlight of the C-frame trailers is the fork stabilisation control. This patented solution prevents the forks from sagging even under heavy loads.

For more information, visit www.linde-mh.co.uk