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Lithium-powered utility vehicle

08 July 2021

THE STAR EV range is brought to the UK by distributor Reesink e-Vehicles, a new division dedicated solely to electric vehicles. This brand features a comprehensive range of 28 lithium and sealed battery-powered utility vehicles. The UTVs can transport 4–22 people or carry materials and have rapid charge, a good mileage per charge, an extensive warranty up to six years.

Some models are road-legal for city use in food delivery applications, around compounds such as Ministry of Defence sites and prisons, and in retail and warehouse sites.

Managing director David Cole says: “Electric powered vehicles and equipment is not a new business for us. We could tell immediately there was a growing customer focus on reducing fuel consumption with an interest and need for greener, cleaner utility vehicle options. Wherever you are and whatever sector you’re in, the ability to work more quietly, earlier and for longer will be an advantage. There simply has to be the choice to buy electric and we identified a choice gap in the market for a comprehensive range of electric utility vehicles.”

Jane Zhang, CEO and owner of STAR EV Corporation, adds: “STAR EV Corporation is delighted to be partnering with Reesink, under their new EV division, with an exclusive agreement for the UK and Ireland.”

For more information, visit www.reesinkturfcare.co.uk