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Load to wrapping machine

25 January 2019

Packline has designed a clamp attachment to suit a customer’s requirements where the Compac lifting machine is used to load and unload reels of film, foil or paper, etc. from a pallet and load them into a wrapping machine.

The clamp is fitted with narrow rollers with long reach capability and has a maximum capacity of up to 150kg. This enables the machine to lift reels from any area on a pallet, including the rear. It also allows the handling of reels even if they are stored quite close together and deliver them to a wrapping machine (or similar) which may have limited or restricted access.

The clamp attachment also has motorised rotation which provides swift and easy handling. This feature is controlled by a hand held ‘pendant’ type control which means that the operator can observe the loading and unloading of the reels for greater precision.

The raising and lowering of the clamp attachment is made by a battery powered mechanism which is operated by ‘up and down’ buttons that are located ergonomically on the machine’s handle bars. The machine also has a slow start option. The attachment is backed up by a bespoke design service.