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Loading bays boost efficiency at new distribution hub

24 February 2020

Hörmann UK installed over 100 loading bays along with a significant number of level access doors and fire exit doors at Panattoni Park Nottingham.

The German manufacturer is the official supplier of loading bay solutions for Panattoni in the UK.

Panattoni Park Nottingham is a landmark development for the developer, comprising three separate units that span 55 acres of prime location in Eastwood, Nottingham.

The 715,000 sq ft development features three warehouses that offer direct access to the M1 motorway, with one unit already taken by one the UK’s largest parcel delivery companies. Of the remaining two units, Nottingham550 is a 551,031 sq ft crossdocked warehouse, while Nottingham89 is a 89,073 sq. ft warehouse.

Nottingham550 allows for a separate goods in and goods out facility. The innovative design improves both the efficiency and output of the hub as the number of vehicles that can be loaded and unloaded is potentially doubled. 70 of Hörmann UK’s leading loading bays were installed throughout the warehouse, supported by eight additional double deck loading bays to further support Panattoni’s clients in maximising operational output.

Panattoni specified eight of Hörmann UK’s double deck dock shelters throughout the site in response to the continued increase for logistics companies to use vehicle fleets of various sizes to adequately meet customer demand. For increased thermal efficiency, the double deck docks are fitted with secondary electric roller blind top flaps to provide an efficient seal on smaller vehicles when using the bay.

The 70 standard deck loading bays were chosen to support Panattoni in providing its clients with a quality of product on which their business can depend, offering outstanding levels of quality and durability, while also featuring insulated sectional panels for an impressive U-value of 0.5/Wm².K. The standard and double deck loading bays were installed with Hörmann UK’s telescopic lip dock levellers, featuring a 1 metre lip to provide an optimal loading platform that offers precise bridging for a diverse range of vehicle types.

The loading bays are also equipped with Hörmann UK’s LED external arrow traffic lights to signal to drivers when they can safely pull off from the bay, along with its LED trailer lights. These light up the back of trailers when being loaded or unloaded, providing outstanding levels of safety for all individuals to deliver a first class service across all aspects of the supply chain operation.

Four Level Access Doors were also installed throughout the warehouse for enhanced functionality, while also providing comprehensive thermal efficiency with a U-Value of 0.5/Wm².K due to its composite construction and insulated sectional panels. The electronically operated doors are fitted with an anti-lift device and an interlocked heavy duty shoot bolt to provide first class security. 16 Fire Escape Doors were also supplied to provide clear fire escape throughout the warehouse.

The second available unit, Nottingham89 has nine of Hörmann UK’s single dock deck loading bays installed throughout the warehouse.

The loading bays are supplied with Hörmann UK’s hydraulic dock levellers with a hinged lip for enhanced force distribution to facilitate quick and safe loading and unloading. One Level Access Door and seven Fire Exit Doors have also been specified throughout the site to offer potential clients the highest standard in warehousing solutions.

Fergie Taylor, head of development delivery at Panattoni, said: “Our crossdocked site at Nottingham550 has been specifically designed to support potential clients in maximising productivity and profits, while the double deck dock shelters reflect the current industry requirement for a wide range of delivery vehicle types. As our official supplier, Hörmann UK is dedicated to manufacturing and installing innovative loading solutions that ensure our clients operate safely, securely and efficiently.”

Tom Langley, projects director at Hörmann UK, added: “Developments such as Panattoni Park Nottingham are at the forefront of industry advancements, utilising and implementing a unique design that ensure each client’s operational output is maximised. We extremely proud to be an official partner of Panattoni, having delivered our loading solutions to six sites throughout 2019 already.”