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Logistex and GreyOrange team up for the UK market

03 May 2021

Logistics robots firm GreyOrange has inked a partnership deal with UK-based integrator Logistex. 

The strategic partnership will leverage Logistex’s influence in the UK market to support GreyOrange’s automated fulfillment technology offerings.

The partnership will leverage both Logistex’s LWS Reflex software, which seamlessly integrates point automation into an integrated solution, and its business intelligence system, Analytex, in combination with GreyOrange’s AI-enabled software and robotics.

“Logistex has a long-standing history of supporting UK supply chain operations with technical expertise, operational support and a range of other supply and distribution solutions, making them the perfect partner to help GreyOrange drive UK operations and sales,” said GreyOrange COO Jeff Cashman.

“As a global leader in robotics technology, GreyOrange in partnership with Logistex can provide UK customers with leading edge robotics solutions,” said Logistex MD Jerry Woodhouse. “This is a strategically important development that meets the needs of UK warehouse operators facing the combined challenges of a rapidly moving ecommerce marketplace, rising costs and a reducing pool of available labour.” 

For more information, visit www.logistex.com and www.greyorange.com