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Logistics – keeping goods moving

23 March 2020

In these uncertain times one of the industries that is keeping the UK moving is logistics.

BITA and FLTA says forklift industry has proved itself flexible in light of the changing environment. It is this agility that has ensured goods continue to be delivered throughout the UK despite the exceptional replenishment requirements. Hospitals and pharmacies are reliant on the uninterrupted supply of medical supplies and retailers are facing unprecedented demands for basic items such as soap, toilet roll, canned goods and fresh foods.

James Clark, secretary-general of the British Industrial Truck Association said: “In these challenging times, we are pleased that the Government has recognised that everyone working to keep essential supply chains open is a critical key worker. Workers across the whole logistics industry, including those that maintain the safe operation of forklift trucks, are an essential part of our Countries efforts to keep people fed and combat this deadly virus.” 

Tim Waples, chief executive of the FLTA, added: “The FLTA is committed to supporting its members in keeping continuous, uninterrupted supply of goods and services during this time. They are operating as normal ensuring all its members have access to the the latest information and advice in line with daily government updates.”

Everyone who works in logistics should be proud of the part they play throughout all the peak periods, and particularly during this crisis. From pickers, packers and forklift drivers to the maintenance engineers, transport planners and delivery drivers, their importance is often overlooked. It is worth celebrating the great job they do in keeping this country running no matter what unforeseen events occur.