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Longer and taller vehicles to tackle driver shortages

12 October 2021

THE UK needs around 100,000 more drivers, says the Road Haulage Association.

But there may be other ways of looking at it. Transdek UK, which specialises in modular loading bay lifts, has long championed the use of double deck trailers and high-volume distribution vehicles, such as Wedge trailers and LSTs, which can reduce delivery frequency, mileage per product and CO2 emissions, as well as supporting the driver shortage. 

Central to this is the ability to load and unload a wide range of vehicles and trailers quickly, safely and effectively.

Transdek managing director Leon Butler, explains: “Using a double deck trailer enables one driver to carry double the load, so as much as we must focus on attracting more class 1 HGV drivers, just as much consideration should be given to efficient vehicles within supply chain delivery fleets.”

Transdek’s latest lift design called the Universal Dock Door, which can be installed at new build warehouses or retro-fitted.

Butler says: “The Universal Dock Door has an adapted bridge plate that quickly adjusts its width, using hydraulics, to cater for anything from 3.5T vans to a double deck trailers. It also comprises a tail-lift pocket which allows vehicle tail-lifts to simply slide and stow underneath the lift platform in a special compartment, which cannot be achieved with traditional scissor lifts. This removes the need to use tail-lift at DCs.”

For more information, visit www.transdek.com